Talkington Residence

This 1400 SF weekend home is carefully sited with its back up against a cypress and pine hedgerow to allow for commanding views across an open- space meadow to the rocky Pacific coastline. The house sits nestled into the contour of the land and expresses this on the interior where a primary contour is carried through in the form of a bench, hearth, stairs and wall. The primary living space is contained within a 24 foot cube, giving the house a scale that belies its relatively small size. Other pieces were added for entry, dining and study that reach out to particular views and landscape elements.

The clients wanted a room “out of the house”: a place to experience a good northerly storm. The study – a dormered room isolated from the main house with large windows thrust out toward the view and wind – fulfills this request. Elements such as a cat stair and double perch for the clients’ two cats add to the uniqueness of the house and the sense that it fits both the owners’ lifestyle and the site.

Sea Ranch, CA
1,380 SF