City of Berkeley Dona Spring Animal Care Services

From initial programming and site analysis through design and construction, BTA worked with City staff and public interest groups to replace the city’s inadequate existing shelter. The new Shelter includes animal intake and adoption areas, a “get acquainted” space for cats and dogs, a training classroom, staff and volunteer space and a veterinary medical clinic. The two-story facility is located on an irregularly shaped site at the northern end of Berkeley’s Aquatic Park, bounded by a freeway off ramp and a new pedestrian/bike plaza.

The modern shelter design maximizes animal health and adoptions with spaces that are daylighted, acoustically isolated and individually ventilated. The project was designed in collaboration with ARQ Architects and DC&E Landscape Architects. It achieved LEED Gold Certification in 2014. Sustainable features include a green roof, high-efficiency HVAC system, solar hot water system, exterior sunshades, skylights and on-site stormwater management.

Berkeley, CA
11,700 SF
Photos: David Wakely
Site Illustration by D,C & E